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Hurrah for stable 2.1r4 (Was: Hurrah! )

On Friday 31 December 1999, at 16 h 39, the keyboard of Bob Bernstein 
<PooBah@ruptured-duck.com> wrote:

> *HAPPY NEW YEAR* to Debian developers everywhere, and *THANK YOU* for making
> and keeping Debian simply the best home BY FAR for any Linux user!!!!

I can also add that (almost) all my production Internet servers run 'stable' (because I want them to work, not to have the last gizmos) and that 2.1r4 brilliantly passed Y2K. 

I'm aware that working on upgrading good ol' stable is not fashionable and even quite boring, and I would like to thanks a lot those who worked on 2.1r4, so we have a stable and safe and Y2K-compliant release.

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