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Sources that build both man and contrib packages

Hello world,

What's the proper thing to do with an upstream packages that build two
sets of binaries: one set appropriate for main, and one for contrib?

This is for ALE Clone (the WarCraft II clone), which will have:
	ale-clone (binary, needs graphics, sounds and scenarios to be useful)
	ale-clone-installer (tools to convert WarII datafiles from Blizzard
		into the right sort of data for ale-clone)

And from a separate upstream source:
	ale-clone-cogliati (some free graphics for ale-clone)

ale-clone and ale-clone-cogliati together can go in main, and provide a
playable game, while ale-clone-installer needs to go in contrib, since it
requires some proprietry data to do anything.

I think the proper way of handling this is to allow sources into main as
long as: (a) all the code is free (binary's thus go to main/contrib),
and (b) at least one of their binaries is for main, and (c) they don't
need anything but stuff in main to be built.



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