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Re: Hurrah!

Quoting Mathias Gygax:
> i didn't find one in proposed-updates nor non-US nor the y2k
> upgrades from http://www.debian.org/~vincent/dists/y2k-update/main/
> . hmm. i definitely upgraded from slink to potato to fix this
> problem.

	Well, now I see you're running 1.0.  It's possible that the
timezone error was transient.  It could even have had deeper roots
than mutt.

	At any way, here's your In-Reply-To: header from the previous

In-Reply-To: <[🔎] 20000101130317.A3489@rising.com.au>; from
hamish@debian.org on Sam, Jan 01, 2000 at 01:03:17 +1100

	Sam?  Shouldn't that be Sat?  It was in Hamish's original Date


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