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concensus on removing TeX and Emacs from standard

Hello, I think TeX and Emacs should no longer be standard. The purpose of
this message is to build a concensus for this so a bug can be filed against
ftp.debian.org to have it done.

Specifically, these packages should be made optional:

tetex-lib, tetex-base, tetex-bin, emacs20, emacs20-el, emacsen-common

My reasoning is a large number of Debian users have no use for these
subsystems, therefore they should be add-ons instead of default

They place a burden on users who do not make use of them, because of their
size and installation time. The debian packages for tetex currently in
standard are 13381KB. The debian packages for emacs20 currently in standard
are 14372KB bytes. TeTeX installs to 33616KB. Emacs 20 installs to 48925KB.

The current installed size of the packages in the standard system is
160068KB. [1] These priority changes would trim it down to 77527KB.

I've already checked, there's no other packages that would need to be
downgraded to optional because of this (policy requires packages that depend
on other packages to have equal or less priority than what they depend on).

Also, if this is to occur, Policy must change. It currently states:

 It doesn't include many large applications, but it does include Emacs
 (this is more of a piece of infrastructure than an application) and a
 reasonable subset of TeX and LaTeX (if this is possible without X). [2]
Robert Woodcock - rcw@debian.org
"Anybody else wanna negotiate?" -- The Fifth Element

[1] Thank you doogie for making dpkg-awk. :)
[2] Policy section 2.2's entry on priority 'standard'.

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