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Re: Proposal: Source file package format (summary)

> Hi,
> Here is a summary of the proposal for a common source file format:
> - Good idea!
> - Waste of time, Use configure; make; make install, Most packages are for Unix, not only Linux.

Who cares about Unix? the sooner Linux kills it the best.

> - Source management problems, no-one is interested in BOTH .rpms and .debs! What about experimental versions?
> - For experimental packages, use dselect to put a hold on the new version.

That applies only to Debian users and that is a minority

> - For debian, directory structure is important, not .dsc files.
> - Good suggestion, decision is up to the package author!!
> - How to ensure the .spec files are valid and functional?

By building them of course.  Even an unvalid RPM is a good starting point.

> - Reducing incompatibility between the variants of the GNU/Linux OS'es is a useful job.
> - Hard to build good rpm's and deb's. Install to standard directories? What about FHS??

The standard is too lax now.  For instance RedHat installs little in
/usr/X11R6 while other distribs tend to put in it everything who needs
X to work.  That breaks compatibilty on #! scripts and at times on
binaries.  Also there should be a common naming scheme for RPMs
between main distribs using RPM otherwise you get dependency problems.
Finally there should be an agreement on miniaml versions on libraries to
avoid incompatibility problems

> - GNU people participating in LSB work?
> - Debian is not GNU!?
> - After rms comments about LSB/GNU/Linux/... this thread turned into a flame war!! No more comments of technical nature any more. Sorry I thought it was an idea worth a better faith!! 
> Binary formats: 
> - Alien can be used, at least from .rpm to .deb

Other style too.  But that does not mean it will be a good or even
working packahge (see above)

> - rpm format to be used for binary packages in LSB.
> People who replied: 
> Iain Wade <iwade@optusnet.com.au>
> George Toft <grtoft@yahoo.com>
> Oliver Elphick <olly@lfix.co.uk>
> Adam C Powell IV <hazelsct@mit.edu>
> cyberclay <cclay@fastlane.net>
> Richard Stallman <rms@gnu.org>
> Chris Siebenmann <cks@utcc.utoronto.ca>
> Daniel Quinlan <quinlan@transmeta.com>
> Flaming replies not included!!
> PS.
> This mail has been written using GNU Emacs and VM. Wonderful software. What about gemacs, 
> a gnomified version!? 

Would be great.

> DS.
> Happy New Millennium to everybody!
> Best regards,

This is the other Y2K bug.  Next millenium starts january 2001 because
there was never a 0 year

> svante.signell@telia.com

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses

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