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Re: [expert] Re: Proposal: Source file package format (summary)

On Wed, Dec 29, 1999 at 09:46:10PM -0500, Jean-Michel Dault wrote:
>What I would suggest is having the .tar.gz source file, plus another file,
>with a .build-rh.rpm , .build-mdk.rpm .build.deb extension.
>That way, the author only has to maintain his source code, support for
>particular distributions are found in a small separate file. You could
>even have a .build-rh-contrib.rpm or .build-mdk-official.rpm, so you know
>whether this is an official rpm or not. It would be up to the author of
>the application to decide to put or not the build files on the ftp site.

How is that different from the way Debian packaging works now?

    .build.deb == .diff.gz

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