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Re: Misplaced packages (or Shouldn't they be in contrib?)

On Sun, Dec 26, 1999 at 01:38:24AM +1100, Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:

> Packages depended on that do not exist: 
> apache-ssl, device3dfx-module, fvwm2, gas, giflib3g-dev, glimpse, 
> gstep-base, gstep-base-dbg, gstep-xgps, intlfonts-chinese, 
> libasound0, libatalk1, libdbd-msql-perl, libg++2.8.2, libgc4-dev, 
> libgimp1.1.10, libmagick4g-lzw, libsnmp3.6, libstdc++2.9, libyiff2, 
> lpd, mysql-base, mysql-client, qmail, snes9x-x, ssh, ssh-socks, 
> ssh2, tclx, tclx74, tclx75, tclx80, xemacs19, zip

I think I can pare this list down a bit:

apache-ssl and some of the ssh* packages are in non-US/main, while the 
rest of the ssh* packages are in non-free.  As long as we continue to
maintain an apt-get line for non-US, I don't see these as a problem
(as long as installation failures are adequately documented).

device3dfx-module is meant to be built from device3dfx-source,
similarly to pcmcia-source and pcmcia-modules.  No one appears to have 
provided a set of device3dfx-module packages for the standard kernel
packages yet.

qmail has to be built from qmail-src by the user due to licensing

lpd is likely a typo by a package maintainer; file a bug.  (I should
know; I made the same silly mistake myself.)  The package is "lpr".

Some of the mysql* stuff should be available from main now that TcX is 
distributing a GPL version of MySQL.

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