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ITP: cgvg || development-tools

The basis of this is the quite useful program cgvg:

[darke@lilith:/code/export/cgvg-1.6.0/]cat README
 Code Grep and  Vi Grepped cg, vg  - tools for finding  and modifying on
 keywords Joshua  Uziel <juziel@home.com> -  November 3, 1999  - version

 All too  often I need  to dig through  source code. Where  something is
 defined, used,  what files, etc.  There's a  great tool for  doing this
 from AT&T called "cscope" and a very alpha free clone of it called "cs"
 (that doesn't look like it's being  actively worked on) that does this.
 There are some alternatives... like ctags and etags for instance... but
 these only take you to where something is defined... not wherever it is
 used,  which makes  it frustrating  when,  for example,  you're at  the
 definition of a function and instead want  to see who and what use that

However, its quite a small program so I am unsure if it warrents its own
.deb file. However, I thought about putting together a package of useful
but small development tools. Then a  slight problem came to mind, if one
program is upgraded, the whole lot has to be re-uploaded.

So, I would  consider proposing a meta-package which depends  on a bunch
of very useful  tools for code development (gcc would  not be included).
Things like  ctags (or etags  or whatever it  is now), cgvg  and various
code profilers and  things. This way, if a new  (but small ) development
tool is  added, it  can be  added to  the new  development-tools package
which is then easy to upgrade.

And if  this meta package is  not viable, I'll just  package cgvg unless
there is some objection.

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