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Re: Two progs to package


Aigars Mahinovs wrote:
> Hi all,
>         I was out in the Internet yesterday looking for some programming stuff.
> And I found some:
> (Note: I don't have Debian right now so I can't check if these are already packaged)
>         - Allegro - 'game' library for c/c++ includes easy grafics handling 
> interface VERY fast rendering and texture mapping routines, really
> advanced math lib (fixed point arithmetics, 3d vector/matrix/quaternion 
> manipulation, better file routines (LZSS compressed file
> creating/reading), easy working with bitmaps, FLI/FLC animation, sprites, sound, 
> keyboard, mouse, joystick, Hi-rez timer interrupts, GUI
> managers and file selectors, multi object data-files with grabber utility, 
> hardware scrolling, triple buffering, dirty rectangles, pallete
> manipulations, over thirty different video modes, ported for Linux/UNIX, BeOS, 
> MS-DOS (DJGPP), Windows, and lots of other great stuff.
> Current stable version is 3.2, WIP (work in progress == unstable) 3.9.28. 
> Version 4.0 is on its way.
> License: gift ware, actually open source free-ware
> Get it at: http://www.tatula.demon.co.uk/allegro
> Developer mailing list at: conductors@canvaslink.com
	Yes, I have used this library. It is really good.
	Anyway I think it should be packaged for Woody and not Potato. It is
not stable yet for Linux. We should wait for version 4.0. Though,
unofficial packages could be done...
	I don't know if I will package this library... but there's a
posibility... I think I will start to use it again... though I have less
time than before...
	I will let know to the debian-devel list and Allegro upstream author
(Shawn Hargreaves) if I package it...
	Active work is going on this library and I guess an stable version 4.0
will be due soon, but I think Potato will be frozen for that time, and
if it isn't frozen, then the library should not be uploaded anyway, as
to not enlarge Potato's freezing time.
	The problem with this library that I see, is that most games done with
it, have non DFSG (Debian Free Software Guidelines) licenses, I don't
know why since the Allegro's license is pretty cool and open (though I
prefer GPL or LGPL), maybe because most of the programs done by the
users of this library are for DOS, so I expect this problem to vanish
soon after its users start to use Allegro V4 and start porting or doing
programs for GNU/Linux.

>         - Rhide - console IDE for c/c++ programming License: GNU PL 2
> Features: Looks like improved TurboC++, made on TurboVision library, syntax 
> highlighting, full color customization, stdout and stderr
> redirection to a window in IDE, customization of GCC comandlines,  ability to 
> build a library, smart fingering, <Ctrn+C> interruption of all
> operations, integrated debbuger, possibility to use another compiler + external 
> debugger ( GDB 4.16 with a Turbo Vision user interface, lots of
> internationalization support.
> http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/~sho/rho/rhide-linux.html
> Author:  Robert Hoehne <robert.hoehne@gmx.net>
	I had intentions on packaging this. I have already packaged the
TurboVision library (see packages rhtvision*) and the SETEdit text
editor used inside this IDE (look package setedit*).
	If someone does a package of this, then be sure to use my rhtvision*
	The problem I see with it, is that upstream author is VERY busy, so
development goes slow. Also I think that there could be problems with
FHS, infofiles (they changed a little the format recently and the info
viewer inside RHIDE can't see the new info pages), maybe problems with
GDB (I was told it uses a library that generates GDB that isn't included
in Debian, and if Debian starts to include it, there could be problems
too because this library is changed often, so a specific version of the
GDB sources should be used and link statically with this library or use
the pre-compiled library that comes with RHIDE sources), also I was told
that compiling it isn't very smooth and could be problematic...

	So, I don't know what I will do with neither of this packages, but if I
package anyone, then upstream authors and this mailing list will know.
	My current plans are to wait a little and see, and my recommendation is
to package this but for Woody, not Potato.

	If anyone is willing to package any of these, go ahead! I will love it!
Though not for Potato please!
P.s.: Take my comments with a grain of salt: I haven't researched too

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