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Two progs to package

Hi all,
        I was out in the Internet yesterday looking for some programming stuff.
And I found some:

(Note: I don't have Debian right now so I can't check if these are already packaged)

        - Allegro - 'game' library for c/c++ includes easy grafics handling interface VERY fast rendering and texture mapping routines, really
advanced math lib (fixed point arithmetics, 3d vector/matrix/quaternion manipulation, better file routines (LZSS compressed file
creating/reading), easy working with bitmaps, FLI/FLC animation, sprites, sound, keyboard, mouse, joystick, Hi-rez timer interrupts, GUI
managers and file selectors, multi object data-files with grabber utility, hardware scrolling, triple buffering, dirty rectangles, pallete
manipulations, over thirty different video modes, ported for Linux/UNIX, BeOS, MS-DOS (DJGPP), Windows, and lots of other great stuff.
Current stable version is 3.2, WIP (work in progress == unstable) 3.9.28. Version 4.0 is on its way.  
License: gift ware, actually open source free-ware 
Get it at: http://www.tatula.demon.co.uk/allegro 
Developer mailing list at: conductors@canvaslink.com

        - Rhide - console IDE for c/c++ programming License: GNU PL 2
Features: Looks like improved TurboC++, made on TurboVision library, syntax highlighting, full color customization, stdout and stderr
redirection to a window in IDE, customization of GCC comandlines,  ability to build a library, smart fingering, <Ctrn+C> interruption of all
operations, integrated debbuger, possibility to use another compiler + external debugger ( GDB 4.16 with a Turbo Vision user interface, lots of
internationalization support.
Author:  Robert Hoehne <robert.hoehne@gmx.net> 

Unfortunately I can't package them because of many reasons, so please any vouluntieres for this job?
If you intend to do the packaging first contact authors (maybe they can help you with it)
If someone will do it, please cc: this tread to me.

Thank You.

Mail You Later!


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