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Re: Potato Snapshot

Yep, that's incredibly annoying.  I set up two computers with Potato this last
week (one for me, one for my mom - yes KDE is easy enough for her to use -
especially coming from win3.1 :).  I burned CD-RWs of some CD-images I found on
ftp.ca.debian.org, because I figured it would be faster than downloading the
latest potato stuff over a modem....

Well, I had to switch CDs constantly.  I'd guess I swapped CDs 1 and 2 about
200 times for each machine (OK, actually only for the second - for the first I
hadn't found apt-cdrom or whatever is yet.  For the first I installed the basic
stuff from some slink CDs I have, then put the potato CDs in one by one and did
dist-upgrade a few times).  I think I could probably write a better algorithm
for ordering in about an hour - but I don't know anything about the APT source
code, so someone who works on apt should be able to do it more efficiently than
I could.

Whoever wrote the code for the CD stuff in apt:  please fix it - it's extremely
broken and unusable.

On Thu, 23 Dec 1999, Matthias Berse wrote: > Hi Folks,
> I just want to let you know how current Potato CD-Sets tend to work.
> After fixing a quote in the Makefile of the debian-cd Package I was
> able to build a non-bootable cd set of potato. The good news: It works
> just fine, although debhelper from time to time complains about
> dhelp_parse: can't open /var/lib/dhelp/dbase_fsstnd
> dhelp_parse: can't open /var/lib/dhelp/dbase_fsstnd
> warning: error occured during execution of
> /usr/sbin/dhelp_parse_fsstnd at /usr/sbin/install-docs line 346.
> But everything elese should be fine...
> The bad news: After a apt-get dist-upgrade failed, I did a apt-get
> dist-upgrade -f and since then I have to swap CD's about every two
> packages. 
> Shouldn't things work that way that apt selects the order packages are
> installed somehow smarter? Otherwise we shouldn't even think about
> releasing Potato on CD!
> Thanks,
> Matthias
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