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Re: /etc/profile should include sbin in PATH

> I have to object here. When we call "users" usually has far more
> knowledge than the average user has. Average users know how to use a
> few programs they have to work with and don't care about IP routing
> and that stuff.

If we go by that line of reasoning, dd is clearly not something "average
users" would care about.

Would you say that dd or traceroute is harder to use? Clearly, dd is harder,
you have to know about those weird device files, and you have to figure out
the completly weird syntax.

Would you say that dd is used more frequently than traceroute? I sincerely
doubt it.

> Who needs traceroute, probably needs other
> "administration" tools as well (although these people almost never
> have root access) and are better off with sbin in their paths.

And clearly, there are no uses at all for dd unless you have root access,
right? After all, it's just good for copying disks...

So you have to agree that dd should be moved to sbin, right? Enjoy your ride
down the slippery slope ...

I must disagree. Debian does not cater to the lowest common demoninator. We
don't care if a program has a steep learning curve. And we aim to create a
flexible system, and recognize that people will find different uses for
every tool we give them. People will use ifconfig to find out if ppp is up
and run fetchmail. They will use dd to split files in half while lowercasing
them. They will use traceroute to figure out what upstream ISP that spam
came from. By saying that we should cater to the lowest common denominator,
you threaten to destoy the usefullness of Debian.

see shy jo

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