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Re: bind and syslog

* Steve Greenland said:
> On 19-Dec-99, 15:49 (CST), Marek Habersack <grendel@vip.net.pl> wrote: 
> > In my opinion (whether it is narrow-minded or not) syslog is not for
> > logging everything but to report about events significant to the
> > system as a whole. And how much noise is in your logs? 60%? 70%?
> Edit your syslog.conf. Change the levels that are logged, or where they
> are logged. If a particular program is logging informational messages
> at level warn, then that's a problem with the program, not the syslog
> mechanism.
OK, before it goes to far I want to explain something. I have syslog-ng
configured so that it sorts out the messages in a nice way, I have no
problem with that. I have no objection as to the usefulness or correctness
of the syslog mechanism, no. I merely say that programs misuse the mechanism
outputting too many useless messages and in many times they go under the
default facility which produces a mess - the standard syslogd isn't capable
of sorting them out - with syslog-ng you can sort based, e.g., on a program
name. The above mess was the reason for which I said that programs should
use the openlog/syslog/closelog sequence on each message output to the
syslog - because it cures two problems: 1) the connection is never lost, 2)
much less messages are output under the standard facility which makes it
easier to sort the messages out.
To make myself clear: I like syslog, I have nothing against it, I'm just
trying to find a way for _programs_ NOT to make _bad_ use of syslog. And
despite how good is the syslog.conf many, too many, useless messages will
still get into the logs just because syslog is abused by many programs.


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