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Back from the LSB meeting

While New York was warm by local standards, to this "southern boy" it was
cold. (about 20 degrees cooler than I'm used to this time of year)

Other than that the trip was great, and the meeting was very productive.
The specification is comming along so well that it is time to start
putting together the testing phase of the standards. Andrew Josey has
recently reworked the vsx4 test suite and the lsb-fhs test suite so that
they can be easily integrated into a single test suite. (or used as
separate components) This is going to be the starting point for the LSB
test suite with some modifications. (BTW, Andrew posted an announcement of
the availablility of this code to the lsb lists yesterday, which I will
repost to this list in separate e-mail)

I have some RL work that must be done immediately, but will be posting a
more comprehensive report in a few days. There will also be a call for
volunteers, and you will not need to be a registered Debian developer to
be able to contribute to this effort. Although there _will_ be a need for
some good coders to write new test suites, there is also the need to
test existing test suites to determine their suitablility to the task, as
well as their applicablility to the standard, so just about anyone with a
machine and time on their hands will be welcome to join that effort.


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