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Re: bind and syslog

* Balazs Scheidler said:

> > > received), the connection is reopened, and the message triggering EPIPE is
> > > written to the console.
> > Hmm.. then what I wrote in my previous mail doesn't hold valid anymore. Does
> > the libc keep per-application state?
> I don't know what you mean. Each process gets a shared copy of libc's code,
> and a private data block. So, if I understand correctly your question, the
> answer is yes.
Of course :)) - forget about my ramblings :)). I don't know why but I
imagined that libc doesn't know the openlog() parameters the application
used when it reopens the connection.

> > Same happens with bind, I imagine. And also on 2.3.x kernels syslog doesn't
> > start at all in the system bootup sequence - one has to start it by manually
> > executing usin /etc/init.d/sys*log start. I guess it's some problem with the
> > unix domain sockets on 2.3.x.
> Someone else has also reported problems on 2.3.x with mmapped sockets. But I
> don't know what those could be.
I guess I read something about it a few days ago on linux-kernel...


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