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Re: bind and syslog

On 14-Dec-99, 03:48 (CST), Marek Habersack <grendel@vip.net.pl> wrote: 
>   As some of you might have noticed that already, bind has a small annoyance
> related to syslog. Specifically, when the syslog daemon (no matter which one
> it is) is restarted, bind loses connection to it and further log messages
> are output to the console. 

IMO, this is a bug in syslog(3). IIRC, it only affects programs that
use openlog(3) - if you just call syslog, (taking the default facility,
etc.), then it doesn't happen, presumably because in that case syslog
takes care of the necessary open(). The work around is to catch SIGPIPE
and re-do the openlog(), but it's stupid that each client should have to
do it. I reported this a *long* time ago (may have been libc5()) when I
had to fix it for crond, but nothing (apparently) ever happened. Feel
free to steal from cron. it's in misc.c.


Steve Greenland <vmole@swbell.net>
(Please do not CC me on mail sent to this list; I subscribe to and read
every list I post to.)

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