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RE: Request for package: libgtkxmhtml-nognome

On 17-Dec-1999 Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:
> I just tried to compile the non GNOME tarball.  While the lib compiles, its
> own
> test suite fails.
> Also, it appears to be behind the current source.  A better solution would be
> to get GIMP to use an intelligent library, or to get the upstream gtkxmhtml
> people to allow non GIMP compilation.

further checking proves that the gtk-xmhtml lib in no way depends on GNOME.  It
however is in their source for gnome-lib and controlled by their configure

The depends on this package are wrong, no GNOME is needed.  In the future if
this could be in its own tar ball rather than shoe horned into gnome-lib, we
can build this without GNOME depends.

Please ask the upstream to free gtkxmhtml of gnome-libs and place it in its own

The same can also likely be said about libart and a few other pieces of

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