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Re: [apt] Sets of packages that run the same command.

* Ben Collins said:

> >  `update-menus' does a similar thing; I think it probably forks to the
> >  background if it's the first one, then continues when `dpkg' releases
> >  the lock.
> Dpkg registers these commands only once for each package it installs, and
> runs it only once when it enters (the start) of the configuration phase.
> We could make a hardcoded set of programs to allow, but that would only
> enforce policy. Since the real post/pre scripts can run anything anyway,
or, it could be possible to schedule execution of a such a program (like
ldconfig or mkfontdir mentioned above) and run it only once per the entire
installation process, not per package. It should be possible, however, to
let the package specify whether it depends on the program being run - that
is, whether its further installation/configuration depends on that. In most
cases it (I imagine ldconfig would be one of these) would cut the number of
runs of such program down to one.

> there shouldn't be any extra concern for security, so long as a proper
> message is output when executing it. I also think it should remain limited
> to a single command with no options.
Why? If it was possible to schedule (by invoking e.g. deb-schedule-command)
the entire command line then the scheduling program would test whether the
parameters are the same and ignore any extra requests for the same
command line. The scheduled "queue" would be ran as the last step of the
installation process.


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