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Re: Finding unused Packages

>>>>> "Antti-Juhani" == Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho <gaia@iki.fi> writes:

>> What'bout adding a dependency count to each package in the
>> database?  thus, every package X which depends on Y increments the
>> use dep-count of Y (and of all the packages on which Y depends).

Antti-Juhani> That's inefficient and unreliable.  What you are
Antti-Juhani> suggesting is essentially a reference counting
Antti-Juhani> technique. 

        Exactly, simple and easy. 

        Inefficient? well, perhaps at markup time, but it is as easy
as walking the dependency tree ... with an ascii dbase it could be
slow; don't know an easy sollution for that.

        Unreliable? ... I don't see exactly why (FYI, my knowledge on
apt and dpkg internals is completely external), but I'd like to know
which would be the reason.

        Also take into account it'd been an instant idea, perhaps five
seconds incubating it.



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