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Finding unused Packages

I came across a slight problem when cleaning up my 
hdd, there was no easy to to find out what packages are no
longer used (read; depended) on by anything else.

So, I wrote a program that tells me just that
(version 1 was quite funky and chewed a LOT of cpu time,
it used grep-dctrl and returned far too much information)

Version 2 is at http://master.debian.org/~darke/Unused.pl


	./Unused.pl /var/lib/dkpg/status > unused.log
	$VISUAL unused.log

from there you decide what you want to remove and such like
of course, lots of highlevel packages will be listed, like
nvi, apache et al.. so you might want to vgrep only the libs 

Peter 'darkewolf' Crystal

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