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bug #13743

Some time ago, Douglas Bates offered up xspread and I accepted (despite
not being a Debian developer... my assumption was that he'd just sponsor
it). I've been looking at the bug reports filed against it and trying to
work out something, but my experience with X coding is rather lacking, so
I thought I'd see if anyone out there might have some ideas. To summarize,
appending a column twice with the mouse causes the program to blow up
and consume resources until it's killed. It seems to be hanging trying
to read from the socket w/the connection to the X server, but I'm
not positive. I do see it trying to read from that particular socket,
getting an EAGAIN, and repeating. Then a ton of brk()'s, some writes
to the socket, and an EAGAIN every few writes. The writes continue ad
infinitum until the program's killed. Any ideas?

Mike Markley <mike@markley.org>
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