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Re: Binary only Recompilations

Previously Anthony Towns wrote:
> Background: every now and then, libraries get updated or bugs in gcc get
> fixed, and packages get reuploaded without any source changes, and with
> their debian revision bumped by 0.0.1. At the moment, there's no obvious
> way of automatically associating these things with their source.

What I plan to do for woody is add a new Build-Version field. So
you get:

  Package: foo
  Version: 1.2-2
  Build-Version: 199912111340

The build-version is the current date in UTC in general. This prevents
the need for finding some way to get a new versionnumber.

> So, could something to this effect be applied to dpkg soonish, please?

I have a whole slew of changes I want to make to the various formats
(.changes, .dsc and .deb). However I don't want to make them in potato
this close to the freeze, so I'm polishing them up a bit and do them
all in woody.


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