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Re: Binary only Recompilations

On Sat, Dec 11, 1999 at 05:19:30PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> What would, IMO, be nice is having:
> 	Package: foo
> 	Version: 1.2-2.0.1
> 	...
> 	source: foo (1.2-2)
> appear in Packages files.
> I *believe* this can be obtained by having dpkg-gencontrol generate a
> DEBIAN/control file including:
> 	Package: foo
> 	Version: 1.2-2.0.1
> 	...
> 	Source: foo
> 	Source-Version: 1.2-2

Wonderful! I was just going to propose that the Packages file includes the
source version number. I think this is very important. One program which
would benefit is quinn-diff (would make its job a bit easier I think).

THere is currently no strict association between binary version and source
version (you can mangle the default, as was done in bash package for
readline). By including the source version in the packages file, we get the
information porters need to detect the diffs between binary and source tree.

Of course, your proposal goes even further, and I support what you proposed
(I will second it when I have thought about it a bit). But even if we don't
want another option for recompiles only (I would want it), we can profit
from the source version in the packages file.


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