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Re: Binary only Recompilations

On Sat, Dec 11, 1999 at 02:43:22PM +0100, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Anthony Towns wrote:
> > Background: every now and then, libraries get updated or bugs in gcc get
> > fixed, and packages get reuploaded without any source changes, and with
> > their debian revision bumped by 0.0.1. At the moment, there's no obvious
> > way of automatically associating these things with their source.
> What I plan to do for woody is add a new Build-Version field. So
> you get:
>   Package: foo
>   Version: 1.2-2
>   Build-Version: 199912111340


Some problems with this:

    Making sure Apt/dselect/whatever considers upgrading packages whose
    version number hasn't changed. (This would be necessary if a new libfoo
    has been installed with a new soname, and bar has been recompiled to
    use the new libfoo --- bar and libfoo have to be upgraded at the same
    time, otherwise bar'll break)

    Making sure the mirrors update when only the file contents have changed,
    not necessarily the filename. On the upside, this may help fix mirrors
    that corrupt an archive: when they check md5sums the next day, they'll
    try again.

    Making sure local proxies and apt-caches and so on update when the
    file contents change, and not just the filename. At the moment, for
    example, Packages.gz files ocassionally get stuck in my squid cache
    for a day longer than they ought to; having .deb's get stuck their
    too could confuse Apt much more ("Okay, this .deb should definitely
    install properly; let's download it... okay, install. WTF? Dependency
    conflicts?"). Similar problems with the /var/cache/apt/archives/*.

Are there any particular benefits it has, over bumping the binary
version number?

> > So, could something to this effect be applied to dpkg soonish, please?
> I have a whole slew of changes I want to make to the various formats
> (.changes, .dsc and .deb). However I don't want to make them in potato
> this close to the freeze, so I'm polishing them up a bit and do them
> all in woody.

Note that this patch doesn't actually change the format of any of these,
so it doesn't have quite the same fragility wrt freezing.


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