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Re: mutt

Quoting Julian Stoev:
> I found in /usr/share/doc/mutt some example, making mutt behave more
> or less like pine. There are some problems, for example I had to set 
> bind index r group-reply
> bind pager r group-reply
> in this example to be able to post to this mail-list. 

	It's true.  But having a script that runs "exec mutt -F
/usr/doc/mutt/examples/Pine.rc" in /usr/local/bin can really cut down
on the learning curve necessary.

> But my editor is still pico. I don't think joe or jpico is close to pico.

	Again, jpico is close enough to pico that it cuts down the
learning curve.  My users had a hell of a time using ^X^S^X^C to save
their mails--especially since some of them had mac SSH clients that
used ^S for flow control.  With jpico, ^X is "save and exit" exactly
the way they remember it.

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