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Cash, now available.

... for those of you with a Letter from VA, but not yet recovered from
sticker shock over the $2,300 now needed.  Or who think speculating in
stock is too risky, or the tax burden too great, or whatever.

Please email or call my cellfone at +1 214 878 4009 so a deal can be
made swiftly.  Money is unlimited but soon -- possibly even tomorrow
morning -- Deutche Bank will start contacting people to confirm
willingness to pay the new price.

LNUX will probably start trading this Friday. At which point, if all
goes well, we'll all be buying 1.2Ghz Athalons and 22-inch Iiyama
monitors.  For the good of the code of course.

And for you armchair compliance officers:  This is an offer to buy,
not to raise money or sell -- surely thats allowed?  :-P


Johnie Ingram                             Loan Origination Officer
Novare International Inc.       Home of the Offer You Can't Refuse
--- Some or all of the above signature may be a joke

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