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Please excuse my mail

My mail has been going nowhere for a few days..  I'm attempting to resend
everything out, but it's all going out in reverse chronological order.  If
you should have gotten a message from me about something and didn't, bug
me and I'll do something about it (maybe..)

- Joseph Carter         GnuPG public key:   1024D/DCF9DAB3, 2048g/3F9C2A43
- knghtbrd@debian.org   20F6 2261 F185 7A3E 79FC  44F9 8FF7 D7A3 DCF9 DAB3
<Knghtbrd> Studies prove that research causes cancer in 43% of laboratory

<CQ> knghtbrd- yeah, but 78% of those statistics are off by 52%...

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