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Potato snapshot CDs, now available.


I've had quite a few requests from people for potato snapshot CDs
lately (I've sold a lot of 2.0 (hamm) and 2.1 (slink) beta CDs in the

I recently made some Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 (potato) snapshots (02-Dec-99)
and I'm making them available worldwide.  You can pay by international
money order, credit cards, and if you are in Australia, COD or cheque.

The CDs work quite well, but of course they are *unstable* so please
realize that you might need to mess around a little getting everything
to work.  But if you want to try out upgrading to potato, and want to
save *lots* of downloading and *lots* of per-megabyte or per-minute
charges (if you pay them) then the CDs have all the .debs in main
on them so can save you a lot of downloading.  No non-us or non-free
included on the CDs just yet.

The CDs are bootable, but I don't know whether you can install from
scratch using them.  You are of course welcome to try, and report
problems (and better yet, report fixes!) to the appropriate packages.

Pricing?  AUD $60 for a 3 CD set, plus $2.50 for airmail shipping
worldwide.  This is around USD $40 including the shipping (but of course
daily currency exchange rates vary -- I can only charge credit cards in
Australian dollars).

You can order online at 


(SSL ordering, Visa and Mastercard accepted, all that stuff).

If you are a Debian developer, I am happy to give you a 50% discount
on the CDs (AUD $30 for a 3 CD set).  Please send me a signed email
(you need to be on the developer's keyring) when you place your order to
let me know, and I will adjust the price manually. 

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