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Re: Donation was Security-upload for slink-sendmail

> I too will be happy to setup a system for people to use. I have been wanting to
> get involved with Debian for a while now, but do not have
> the time to devote, so if there is a need for cpu time, I will gladly give it. I
> have a few boxes here from very fast to very slow (an old
> SS1+). I also have a fairly fast link. Fell free to email me off the list.
> Steve Przepiora

> On this note, I'd be willing to lend accounts/space to Debian developers
> who need it... my machine is a pretty production-level server, so it's
> running slink + y2k updates, i386 arch. It's the least I can do for
> Debian, since new-maintainer's closing limits what else I can do ;). Just
> mail me with your needs and I'll see what I can work out...
> On Tue, 7 Dec 1999, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> > Previously Joerg Friedrich wrote:
> > > Please recompile the recent security-upload for sendmail against glibc2.0
> >
> > Trying to.. I'm looking for a machine that is still pure slink
> > and has libdb2-dev installed to recompile sendmail on.. so far I haven't found
> > one :(
> >
> > Wichert.
> >
> >
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Steve Przepiora
North Coast Software

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