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Porting our new haskell compiler

Hi all -

  I just uploaded GHC 4.04 to potato, yesterday. I would love it if fellow
haskell enthusiasts would try it out, as it's been uploaded pretty close to
release. It would be nice to clean out as many bugs as possible before then.

  Also -- the Architecture: field in the sources reads Any, but just
recompiling on anything other than i386 isn't possible without a lot of
bootstrapping. GHC itself is written partially in C, and greatly in
Haskell... It also uses some yacc-ish stuff parsed by a tool called 'happy',
a LALR parser generator that's also greatly written in Haskell.

  Possible soltions:
	1) Someone extend GHC so it knows how to cross-compile.
	2) Use GHC's spiffy Haskell->C conversion addon library ;)

  Well, the second looks good on paper, but I'm not sure if anyone's ever
tried it before. Also, GHC is supposed to have a number of severe
shortcomings on other architectures (hmmph). People with experience with
GHC, and anyone on a porting team, I'd like to get in touch with you so we
can work out how to bootstrap this thing into our other architectures before
freeze (but not too close to it!).

FTP admins- Thanks for passing this through Incoming so quickly.

Please note, I did not labor so hard to make such a large package completely
lintian clean. This is a package I'm sponsoring for Michael Weber, the guy
you'll find listed at http://www.haskell.org. He truly did an outstanding
job on these packages.

..Aaron Van Couwenberghe... ..avancouw@calpoly.edu.. ..aaronv@debian.org..
	Berlin:			http://www.berlin-consortium.org
	Debian GNU/Linux:	http://www.debian.org

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