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certain X apps don't work on debian xservers?

No responses to my post on debian-user. Anyone here have any suggestions
before I file a bug report? A suggestion for what to include in the bug
report would also be useful. Thanks.

On Sat, Dec 04, 1999 at 04:02:01PM -0800, lee wrote:
> Hi,
> I've had some problems with X apps compiled on hpux not displaying on
> debian systems. I've tried xserver-mach64 from slink and slink-update
> (dpks -s reports versions and 3.3.5-1.99.slink.0).
>  ssh to hp machine (twin) from debian machine, and run software with
>  DISPLAY pointing back to debian machine
>  twin ~ $ /tools/avanti/hpux10/polaris/designacc/bin/signalscan -vendor avanti
>  fatal: FATAL ERROR: MSG 0x0034deb2 [CAT 3/4 STD 57010 ]
>  Category: XVT release 3 assert (Signaled assert4)
>  Function: xvt_app_create 
>  File:     ./kpalet.c line: 479
>  Recursive call to msg or fatal: FATAL ERROR within last chance error handler
>  exiting application
>  twin ~ $ 
> The software works fine when displaying to another hp machine or to a
> windows machine running eXceed. But it doesn't work with xfree86 or the
> demo version of AcceleratedX.
> Any suggestions? Does the message look like anything having to do with
> X? Please cc me in responses since I'm not on the list now.
> Thanks,
> Lee

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