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Re: certain X apps don't work on debian xservers?

On Mon 06 Dec 1999, Lee Bradshaw wrote:
> Lines: 40

> No responses to my post on debian-user. Anyone here have any suggestions
> before I file a bug report? A suggestion for what to include in the bug
> report would also be useful. Thanks.

Looks like it might be a problem with the color depth. Maybe it expects
an 8-bit display and you have 15/16/24/32-bits, or vice versa?

> > I've had some problems with X apps compiled on hpux not displaying on

You say "X apps compiled on hpux". Do you have source?

> >  twin ~ $ /tools/avanti/hpux10/polaris/designacc/bin/signalscan -vendor avanti
> > 
> >  fatal: FATAL ERROR: MSG 0x0034deb2 [CAT 3/4 STD 57010 ]
> >  Category: XVT release 3 assert (Signaled assert4)
> >  Function: xvt_app_create 
> >  File:     ./kpalet.c line: 479

If you have source, look at kpalet.c line 479...

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