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Re: preferred metaconfiguration method ?

	How about a method in which your configure script stores this in
a file much like netbase with /etc/init.d/networking sourcing the
/etc/network/interfaces or /etc/network/spoof-protect for options when it
is executed... Of course this is just the comment of a non-maintainer,
but it does seem to be the easiest solution for your problem and if you
documented the file well it should be able to be modified by hand if 
need be... 

	Jeremy T. Bouse
	UnderGrid Network Services, LLC

Mario Lang was said to been seen saying:
> These settings are changeable through commandline and not in any
> /etc/brltty/* config file.
> Because I wrote /etc/init.d/brltty init script I need to save those
> configuration options anywhere so that people can change them
> without changing /etc/init.d/brltty.
> How should I save this configs?
> Should I create a /etc/brltty/brltty.conf file and save those
> vars there after debconfing or should/can I get
> the debconf answers directly in /etc/init.d/brltty by sourcing confmodule
> and db_get brltty/tty ?

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