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preferred metaconfiguration method ?


I'm jsut packaging my first .deb package (brltty).
I came across the following problem/issue:
I need to introduce a configuration method for brltty to configure
the device used and a translation table used.
These settings are changeable through commandline and not in any
/etc/brltty/* config file.
Because I wrote /etc/init.d/brltty init script I need to save those
configuration options anywhere so that people can change them
without changing /etc/init.d/brltty.
How should I save this configs?
Should I create a /etc/brltty/brltty.conf file and save those
vars there after debconfing or should/can I get
the debconf answers directly in /etc/init.d/brltty by sourcing confmodule
and db_get brltty/tty ?

Besides, the debconf tutorial isn't very exact on naming conventions.
Am I right that the files should be named:

or did I understand anything wrong?
man debstd tells me the configure script for debconf should be named configure.
man debstd doesnt mention template(s)?

    Mario <mlang@delysid.org> http://delysid.org/

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