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New York->Toronto->Vancouver

I'm going to Vancouver the 16'th of December (from Stockholm),
and is landing in NY 21:25 the 16'th. Going to Toronto by train
the 17'th (07:15), and is in Toronto the 17'th (19:14). Leaving
Toronto the 18'th (by train, yet again. I know, ~3 days on train!! :)
at 11:00.

This leaves me with a night at NY between the 16'th and the 17'th
AND one night in Toronto between the 17'th and the 18'th.

I would very much like to meet up with any fellow Debianeze, for
a beer or two :) I'll by some whiskey (I'm a sucker for good whiskey),
and maybe we could take a sip or two :)

I don't know if there's time for PGP signing (I still haven't gotten
around to get me a GPG key), but I'll bring my keys anyway...

[Please Cc me if sending to the list. I have to many unread messages
in the debian-devel list to find it otherwise]
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