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Re: Why does potato compiling suck?

On Thu, 02 Dec 1999, Dwayne C . Litzenberger wrote:
>> > Why is it that whenever I try to compile something on potato, there's
>> > always some problem (except kernels, which don't depend on a lot of
>> > external stuff).
>> > 
>> > What can I do?  I can't even compile the latest KDE 2 snapshots, even when
>> > they have debian build scripts.
>> KDE 2 snapshots arn't known to be incredibly buildable ... kde 2 itself is 
>> incredibly unbuildable, no matter what your compiling for.  Thats whhy its
>> development:)
>Other people say that certain versions of KDE compile fine, but I can't
>seem to get them to (kdelibs).  I asked them first.

Much of the KDE stuff looks in certain locations for certain include files
and libraries.  Debian has things differently to what they expect.  Usually
it just means that when you run ./configure you have to specify parameters to
tell it where to find things.

>> For more help your really going to have to better describe what exactly the 
>> problem is with compiling.  I compile things all the time(prob 4-5 things 
>> a week) and its fine ...
>> remember ... details, details, details :)
>I know, I know, but every program that I try to compile has a different
>problem.  And AFAIK, it's not because include/linux/* doesn't match the
>kernel.  Basically, I'd just like to know if anyone knows of any big
>problems with either the new gccs or with some standard libraries that are
>in potato.
>It sorta sucks when you try to live on the bleeding edge, but you can't
>compile things properly.

That's the price you pay.

KDE 1.1.2 is quite good. maybe if you try KDE 2.0beta in a few weeks time you
will be more pleased with the result.

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