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linux 2.3/4 and large files

I've been away from the list for a little while, and am not sure if this was
brought up yet, if it was, I'm sorry ...

Playing around with the latest unstable branch of the linux kernel today, I
noticed a 'bug' (not really) in the standard include files (namely
bits/types.h) and linux 2.3/4 .. __off_t is defined as a 'long int'
(signed), making the max value 2147483647.. after ungzip'ing a log file,
totaling 8gig (uncompressed), the file size showed up as 630meg or so using
ls and stat directly (performing a head and tail on the log file, and the
same log file on an irix box, showed that the entire file was indeeed
there)..  I know that even if off_t was unsigned, the max would only be
4294967295 bytes (4gig)....

Does anyone know if there are plans on fixing this? (i know this is not
debian specific, just wondering if anyone knows...)


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