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Re: ITP Devel::Peek and Devel::RegExp (sponsor needed!)

Peter S Galbraith writes:
 > Colin Walters wrote:
 > > I want to package the perl modules Devel::Peek and Devel::RegExp.

Devel::Peek allows you to see (and modify) Perl's internal
representation of a variable: 

levanti@meta:~$ perl -le 'use Devel::Peek qw(Dump); $foo = 10; \
                          Dump $foo; $foo .= "a"; Dump $foo;'
SV = IV(0x80d4160) at 0x80d2048
  REFCNT = 1
  IV = 10
SV = PVIV(0x80d52c8) at 0x80d2048
  REFCNT = 1
  IV = 10
  PV = 0x80d7430 "10a"\0
  CUR = 3
  LEN = 4

Devel::RegExp is used to examine a regular expression; unfortunately,
I can't get it to compile on my machine.  I just read about it in
Advanced Perl Programming.

But the Devel::Peek package seems to work.  I would definitely
appreciate comments, as it's my first Debian package :)

Colin Walters <levanti@verbum.org>
(1024D/C207843A) A580 5AA1 0887 2032 7EFB  19F4 9776 6282 C207 843A

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