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Re: Soundblaster LIVE

On Sun, Nov 14, 1999 at 04:54:39PM +0100, SGaerner wrote:
> There's now support for the SoundBlaster Live and SB Live Value as module
> available for Linux 2.2.x.
> You can find the source under opensource.creative.com (file: emu10k1...tar.gz).

If someone else doesn't beat me to it, I am likely to package this thing
because I'll soon be using such a card.  No objection at all (in fact I'd
prefer it) if someone else wants to take this one.

I have a limited value for available free time and would rather spend said
free time hacking at the known bugs and the not-yet-started synth code.
BTW, the emu10k apparently has very similar register layout to the emu8k,
so much of the code can be used wholesale from the AWE drivers.  Coping
with some SBLive! cards having onboard memory and others not will be
interesting though.

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