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Re: NFS-Root vs diskless

Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:

> Is anyone working on diskless installation in conjunction with
> boot-floppies?  Most architectures do support TFTP/NFSRoot
> installation (although, for instance, i386 support would require a
> little boot disk with the stuff which is otherwise handled by OpenBoot
> or else NIC EEPROMs).
> It would be pretty sweet if we not only supported TFTP installation
> but also provided (well, somewhere) a whole NFSRoot base image or
> something.  But I'm confused on how that would work as I've never
> tried it.
> I do remember that there's a new diskless package out which is
> replacing the old nfs-root package, correct?
> Just blue sky... 

You can install the normal base on a diskless system (with a nfs
capable kernel and some small tricks on the second console) and then
boot the diskless with a hand modified bootdisk.

The other way would be the diskless package, which you can use if the
server is a debian system.

May the Source be with you.

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