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Re: Something wrong with potato modutils

On Mon, Nov 08, 1999 at 06:19:19PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> George Bonser <grep@shorelink.com> writes:
> > Whatever the problem was seems to be gone now with tonite's upgrades. I
> > might suggest, though, that debian change one thing in its standard kernel
> > config ... it really should not have Unix domain sockets as a module. If
> > something prevents modules from loading properly, it is difficult (but not
> > impossible) to get to a point where you can cleanly reboot. So many things
> > depend on this that it really should be compiled in.

This not really dissimilar to a dynamically linked sysvinit, or /bin/sh.

> I don't disagree.  Even when things work ok, when you first load
> unix.o, the rootfs is read-only, resulting in a scarey (to newbies)
> error message.

Sorry, but which error message are you talking about? If it's the "trying to
load twice" message, I can disable it since it isn't really an error.  If it's
something else, please type it in.

> Herbert, is unix.o something you had to take out to get the bzimage
> down to the right side?  What do you think of installing that back
> into the kernel?

Actually, it was taken out ages ago to ensure that everything that can be
modularised were.  Although at this point in time, putting it back probably
would push bzImage over the edge.
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