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new menu section for file/disk related programs

On Mon, Nov 08, 1999 at 01:39:33PM +0100, marillat@alpes-net.fr wrote:
> W: gentoo: menu-item-creates-new-section Apps/Misc /usr/lib/menu/gentoo:2
> The Apps/misc do not exist in menu policy. May be in Apps/Tools ?

I know that it doesn't exist. Gentoo is basically a file manager, so it
generally could be put to "Apps/Tools", some might even want to put it in
"Apps/Viewers" or even "Apps/Shells". I personally think that it would best
fit in an "Apps/Browsers" or "Apps/Disk" cathegory, but that is not created
yet. Other file managers' and disk-related applications' menu entries are
scattered in various sections, anyway, so I think we should establish that
a new section.

"Apps/Disk" would seem a good place to put gentoo, filerunner, mc, gmc, plus
it could take wmmount and asmount(?) , along with fbrowser, kfm, and other
similar programs. This list seems big enough to warrant a new section AFAICT.
And other menu sections would be freed of these off-topic items, which would
be positive, especially in case of sections that are already too big to fit
on screen on resolutions like 640x480 :(

And if we choose "Apps/Browser", then we could add all those 15 web browsers
to it :) to share the load with "Apps/Net".

I'm CC:ing the policy and devel lists, to see what do people there think of
it. If there's any positive responsive, consider this idea about Apps/Disk
a Policy proposal.

> And could you add a debian/doc-base.package for dhelp ?
[snip doc-base entry]

Thanks, will be included.

enJoy -*/\*- don't even try to pronounce my first name

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