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Re: Release-critical Bugreport for November 5, 1999

On Sat, Nov 06, 1999 at 11:56:26PM +0100, Christian Kurz wrote:
> Alright, could then somebody from the QA core team make the necessary
> NMU to fix this package?

Will do when I get to work.=20

> > > > Package: gnome-apt (main)
> > > > Maintainer: Apt Packaging Team <apt@packages.debian.org>
> > > >   44427  gnome-apt: Broken Package
> > >=20
> > > Can't we remove this package if it doesn't get fixed?
> > Is nobody interested in maintaing it upstream ?=20
> Well, maybe someone who is using gnome already. I think the person needs
> to be familar with gnome in some way to maintain the package really.

I can make a new package. I managed to get it running last time. I could=20
take over upstream but currently I will not have a lot of time to implement
new features which are still needed...

To Christian: Thanks a lot for doing this work! I wanted to do something
like this today now I can do something else ;)


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