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Mike Goldman <whig@by.net> writes:

> Kevin Dalley wrote:
> > When frozen is created, we always have frozen and unstable in
> > parallel.  In fact, we must always have them in parallel, if we allow
> > new uploads.  Having two branches allows people to either fix bugs or
> > release new unstable releases, according to their preferences.  A
> > person with no bugs shouldn't be prohibited from uploading new
> > releases.
> I do not believe that this was the case with hamm and slink.  I believe it
> *should* be the case, but IIRC there were no unstable uploads allowed
> during the freeze, only release critical bug fixes to packages in frozen
> were permitted until the release.

Yes, there were unstable uploads allowed during the last few releases.
Their might be a few days where unstable uploads are not allowed, but
it is a very short amount of time.  Sometimes it was problematic when
a new library was uploaded which prevented one of my packages from
being compiled.  Personally, I prefer to stay with frozen for as long
as possible.

Kevin Dalley

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