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Re: [PHILADELPHIA] MIME Solutions: Using Debian's mime-support Package

On Mon, Nov 08, 1999 at 01:02:23AM -0500, Chris Fearnley wrote:
>                 The Philadelphia Area Debian Society (PADS)
>                      (http://www.CJFearnley.com/pads/)
>                                  presents
>             MIME Solutions: Using Debian's mime-support Package

You know, it'd be really cool if when people do these things someone takes
a laptop with them (and not the purring kind) and takes down a general
summary of events as they happen..

Such things would be nice for those who couldn't attend (busy that night
or live halfway around the world) especially if there's some technical
how-to information presented.  Also archives of this kind of stuff would
be great for new maintainers.

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