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Re: Upgrade on Sunday has broken use of /dev/psaux

In article <199911080546.FAA05512@linda.lfix.co.uk> you write:
>On Sunday I did `apt-get dist-upgrade'.
>One of the packages uploaded has disabled use of /dev/psaux. Any attempt
>to read from it, gets the reply "Device or resource in use".  However
>fuser /dev/psaux' shows nothing.  As a result of this, X is unusable,
>because it cannot open the mouse.
>The only X-related packages that I can see to have been upgraded were
>xpm and xpmg; downgrading these has made no difference.
>Does anyone have any idea which package is at fault?

I have exactly the same problem with potato computer. Same
error, too. Same results from fuser.

However, I thought this looked more like a kernel problem myself.

Perhaps I accidently forgot to compile in PSAUX support -
CONFIG_MOUSE=y, but I can't remember if this is the same thing off hand,
and don't have time to check right now. Anyway, I think that error
is wrong.

The fact that somebody else has experienced the same problem seems good
IMHO, because perhaps it means it isn't my fault after all ;-)

PS: I have only tested gpm - sometimes I can highlight a point on the
screen (am I seeing things???), but most of the time nothing works.

I am reconfiguring the mouse on this port for the first time, so I can't
rule out dumb mistakes on my part. I last upgraded my potato last week
(approx Wednesday-Friday).
Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>

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