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On Sun, Nov 07, 1999 at 06:38:54PM +0100, Florian Lohoff wrote:
> *Oergs* No thanks - We should keep the freeze time as SHORT AS POSSIBLE
> otherwise we are releasing an out of date distribution like Slink. So i
> would like to force developers to stabilize the current unstable/frozen
> to be release ready instead of "Same-procedure-as-everyday" and uploading
> to unstable.

How do you force volunteers to do anything? I assume you have the money
or the blackmail to do so?

> I dont think this is the MAIN problem. The main problem is that
> most Debian developers dont care on the "stable" distribution which
> is in my eyes a primary goal. Everybody is working on unstable for
> years and dosnt want to stay with something called "frozen".

See, in my eyes, the main point of stable is to provide a snapshot
for those dependent on CD, a stable system for servers and an 
installation tool for the rest of us. Maybe the developers don't
care about stable much because it doesn't matter much to them. Again,
we go back to the forcing volunteers above.
> Flo (Happy stable user and supporter)
David (Happy unstable user and supporter)

David Starner - dstarner98@aasaa.ofe.org

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