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Re: proftpd

On 7 Nov 1999, Rob Browning wrote:

> Steve Lamb <morpheus@rpglink.com> writes:
> >     Can we also apply this to packages that have both console and X
> > versions?  Quite frankly I think it is foolish that vim requires X
> > to run on the console.  The same with mtr.  Both packages might
> > easily be found on a headless, X-less computer running some basic
> > functionality.
> Do you really want two full binary versions of every emacsen flavor
> (and every other X/console app) on our the ftp servers?  I think there
> are enough dual X/console apps to make requiring the installation of
> the fairly small xlib6 package a fairly reasonable burden, when
> divided across the total number of packages that are likely to need it
> on a given system.

On my system, exactly one (!) package depends on xlib6; mtools. And that's
a fairly stupid dependency (a daemon that most people don't use,
which wasn't even in the earlier versions of mtools.)

The reason I haven't removed mtools yet is because I have been
experimenting with getting X to run on my system, so xlib6 didn't hurt
much to have. Those experiments didn't bear fruit however, so I'll
probably have to remove mtools soon, to avoid unnecessary bloat.

If vim-tty hadn't existed, my system would depend have two packets
depending on xlib6. I'm very lucky that vim-tty exists, because I can live
without mtools, but not without vim...

I don't give a damn if emacs is linked against X or not, because Emacs is
so huge anyway that 2 MB's extra won't matter much.

> Arguing about sql makes a little more sense.  How many other packages
> need it, and how many users are really going to want the sql version
> of proftpd?

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