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Re: Freeze

On Fri, Nov 05, 1999 at 05:54:13PM +0100, Onno wrote:
> IF I could vote, Camm would have my vote...

Me too.

> But here is thought that crossed my mind:
> If, for some reason, something critical as the boot-floppies
> (just an example...) would delay the release a significant
> amount of time because they want to put in too much new
> features, I would suggest that they just update the boot-floppies
> and leave the new features for the next release.
> This way there would not be one component that would hold back
> an entire release and it would keeps things much more stable.
> Also take some release critical bugs/features in perspective, if
> a small step back would enable a long awaited release and that step
> is only a small part of the release I would be in favor for the small
> step back. Again the boot-floppies come into my mind (again, just an
> example), you only use them to setup the system than you put them aside
> and never use them again...
> Just my thoughts,
> Onno

This is a valid point, but there is still no reason not to include the current
incoming directory.  Even if something cant be fixed before we want to
release, then we can always backdate the package - its been done before (IIRC
slink had to backdate X during its freeze to the last working version before 


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