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Re: Status of Potato

On Thu, Nov 04, 1999 at 02:40:13PM +0100, Christian Surchi wrote:
> On 02-Nov-99 Richard Braakman wrote:
> > Before the freeze, we will have to deal with the backlog in Incoming
> > somehow.  There are more than 200 packages in it now and it's growing.
> > Help is on the way, but probably not in time.  In any case, I do not
> > think it is wise to install a hundred new packages just before the
> > freeze!  My plan is to handle all the packages that fix bugs, and
> > leave the rest for the new unstable.
> I think that this is wrong. This destroy a lot of work made by several
> developers (and not only). Probably in Incoming there are many packages
> _made_for_potato and I think they must be moved in potato. I think also that
> Incoming handling must be reorganized.

This incoming stuff is completly stupid ! Why aren't the uploaded packaged
directly moved to the directory structure ! The developpers aren't funny
enough to put a false section or something like that !

  DDDD   EEEEE  BBBB  II  AAAAA  NN   N       LL     II  NN   N  U   U  X  X
  DD  D  E__    B__B  II  A___A  N N  N       LL     II  N N  N  U   U   XX
  DD  D  E      B  B  II  A   A  N  N N       LL     II  N  N N  U   U   XX
  DDDD   EEEEE  BBBB  II  A   A  N   NN       LLLLL  II  N   NN  UUUUU  X  X

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